Monday, 25 July 2011

Fails to start

Last Thursday I had two easy jobs scheduled- a load test in the morning and a small oil change in the afternoon.  I get to the load test site (another Save On Foods).  The unit doesn't start.  I check the fuel solenoid, the run relay, any reset buttons, the coil, pull a spark plug to make sure it's sparking and it isn't.  Call up Woody, in our electrical department, and he helps me check a bunch of wiring in the panel.  Finally decide it's the breaker points in the distributor.  I adjust their gap and clean them out and the thing ran perfectly.  Yay!  Here's a crappy picture of the Onan.

Friday was a nice easy day.  I did tests on three units for a food testing lab in Burnaby.  The largest of the three was a Coleman.  I had no clue Coleman made generators that large (25kw).

I'm on-call this week which sucks.  Heading up to Whistler to work on some Telus and Bell sites.  I'm pretty excited for that since it's beautiful up there!  Could be tricky watching out for cougars while working on a generator though.  The main thing will be to not get lost while trying to navigate through logging and service roads up mountains :)


  1. I love that area - did you have any pictures from up there?

  2. Hey Eddie I posted those whistler pictures... Also I thought you should know that you inspired me to pick up a back road map book from the Lougheed save on last night :)