Saturday, 9 July 2011

Friday adventures

Fridays are always exciting.  This Friday we had a BBQ in the shop which automatically made it pretty great.  A little less great since I had to work Saturday too.. but here are some happy friday pictures.

The staircase of doom in Save On Foods.  I had to climb up and down those things way too many times not to mention while carrying tools and load banks!  Most people probably know this but I had no clue that grocery stores had little jail cells in the back for shoplifters.  When I told someone at work this they told me they actually got put in there when they were a kid for trying to steal a chocolate milk and that they even have handcuffs.  Now you know.

On my way home I was driving behind a van with this piece of artwork thing on the back.  I promise I was stopped while I took this photo.

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  1. Hey, I recognize that whacky truck and the overpass for Golden Ears way in Pitt meadows!
    That guy has been around for 15 years or more...