Saturday, 16 July 2011

More Friday Pictures

On Friday I went to Harbour Center downtown Vancouver.  The building has seven Generators (including this beast in the picture).  It's a huge building on the waterfront with amazing views and what's inside?  Data centres.  Not offices.. just floors of computers, computers, and more computers.  When fiber optic cables were brought across to Vancouver this was the first building to be connected with fiber optics so it filled up quickly with various data centers.  You can assume the security is pretty high.


 I had to go to a service call in the afternoon at the Jericho Beach Sailing Center.  The Jericho beach Folk Music Festival was also going on so there were lots of interesting things (and people to look at).  At the sailing center there were lessons going on for handicapped people and the boats are controlled by tubes that they breathe into.  Looks pretty fun.

Just a couple shots of the beach.

There were tons of bunnies everywhere.  Different colours and sizes too.  You have to look closely and you can see the brown bunny and a little white one running away in the background.

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