Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Truck

A while ago I got a new truck which means no more overloaded, worn-out Safari van for me!  The truck has it's issues sure... the slide-out is quite high and makes it a struggle for me to lift load banks and batteries onto it and the front seat doesn't provide much room for my paperwork.  I seem to have adjusted and made it work and the satellite radio and A/C don't hurt either ;)
Here are some pictures of it:

The slide-out loaded up with oil and load banks.

The side doors for parts bins and oil, gloves, etc.

The truck is NOT a 4x4 which means it is no good for a lot of those backroad Whistler sites but hey I'm not complaining.  I am just happy to finally have a working horn and a windshield with no cracks! It's nice to feel safe:) 

Now to work on my trailer driving skills and I'm all set!

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