Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stave Falls Power House

I sort of stumbled on the Stave falls dam.  I live in Maple Ridge and my mom was visiting from Ontario so I took her to Hayward lake to check out the beach and trails and BAM there it was.  My boyfriend now works for BC Hydro so we can visit the museum for free and I definitely intend on taking advantage of that.  It's very cool... and apparently haunted ;)  Here are some pictures.  The main thing that surprised me is how small generators with the same kW ratings are now.

An early 100kW generator
 A shot of the generator room.  Those things are huge!  The apprentices got the lucky job of actually climbing IN the generators to clean them out.  It was so loud most of the employees ended up going deaf.
 The largest of the generators.  You can see how huge the tubes are for the water.

 In case you can't tell.. that's a HUGE crane.

 That's just the exciter.. again.. HUGE.
 Oil filled breaker

 The old sleuces

 Even the old loo is maintained :)

 Made in Peterborough, ON (my hometown)
 Just to show you how big everything is compared to myself haha.
 Big generators need huge wrenches!
 You're going to need to put a bit more effort into it than that.
Here we go :)
 The old man-lift.

 That's one gangster electric car!
 That's about 600 lbs in batteries alone right there.

 Straight out of a horror film.

 After going through the museum we then did the long hike around Hayward lake.  It was beautiful but quite tiring!
 Tons of berries to snack on along the way.
 The old railway bridge
 Apparently they're closing down the beach this year which sucks because I really want to go swimming there it looks awesome.

 Jonah on the footbridge.
 Steelhead falls... I think?  I will have to doublecheck the name.
 And that ends and amazing day!

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