Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Ten Commandments of a Diesel Operator

(As seen at the Stave Falls Power House)

The Ten Commandments of a Diesel Operator

1. The Engine is thy Engine; thou shalt keep it clean and in adjustment that thy life in its company may be long, and thy boss mayest give thee advancement.

2. Know thy Engine in all its parts and functions; else thou shalt be in darkness in some unholy place in the bush.

3. Be thou not wise in thine own conceit. Remember thine Engine’s factory instructions and keep them holy, lest repairs at night be thine undoing.

4. Be thou not loose in the jaw hinges; no man knoweth all about Diesel. Then truly absorb much knowledge and exude little save on request, and he who doth shall gain great repute among his fellows, and the favour of his superiors.

5. For all the things in life that thou desirest thou shalt also pay penalty and for the wisdom of experience no less. Advice from the multitude usually costeth nothing and is generally worth not that.

6. From the books of Diesel practice thou mayest know what to do and when, but only costly experience or the lips of man truly wise may tell thee the instant of when and true values of how; also thy knowledge of what and when shall but plague thee with smoky exhaust which damneth thee before all knowing observers.

7. God maketh the earth to rotate endlessly without bearings or good lubrication; leave not thine Engine so, else thou shall be blistered in the boss’s wrath.

8. Curse not thine Engine when it turneth not; curse rather thine own stupidity.

9. Steam engines and gas may operate though sloppy, a Diesel not so; with gauges and mics be thou ever busy.

10. The eternal eyes watch universal operations, but thou shalt not rely upon them as to thy Diesel; thine own eternal vigilance is the price thou payest for thy job.


  1. Great blog! I have enjoyed reading and learning... yes, similar work to mine in some ways, but with some different challenges it looks like. Easier access to engine parts though, for sure... that must be nice.

    I especially got a smile out of reading the Ten Commandments. Words to live by indeed. Would you mind if I pass them along on my page?

    1. Of course George! Go ahead and spread the word of the book of Diesel ;)