Sunday, 5 February 2012

Whistler Area

Well I am way overdue for an update on here.  Here are some pictures from Whistler last fall.  I was servicing the generators at the Bell and Telus towers which conveniently have some stunning views of the mountains and valleys.  The weather (for the most part) was warm and sunny and it hardly felt like "work".  Here are a few pictures but they really don't do it justice.

View from my first site in the Garibaldi area

 I thought this moth was pretty mean looking!
 This is what most of the units look like.  That is a built in load bank so it made my job quite easy :)
 There was a deck built with no apparent purpose other than to enjoy the view.  I like their style!
 I had some issues finding my way to this site and then I downloaded a "tower locator" app.  Oh technology what would I do without you?  After I was completed on the couple units here I was heading down and caught up with a group of mountain bikers on the logging road.  I wanted to ask them if they knew where a toilet was since I was about to burst but I guess they thought I was coming to give them crap for using the road on a weekday because they literally ran to their vehicles and sped away.  Oh well... oh and yes I did make it to a bathroom.

 A shot of the ski hill and Alta Lake from the "rainbow park" tower site.  This site had the most stunning view in my opinion and it was an awesome hot and sunny day.  Changing oil doesn't seem so tedious when you turn around and remember "oh right..  it's beautiful here.. no big deal".
 Another shot of the ski hill.  I admit I forget which picture is Whistler and which is Blackcomb.
Oh and the "cottages" on Alta Lake are RIDICULOUS.  I want.

More pictures to come.

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